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When the two couple that are about to get married they must follow a sequence number of customary custom of Pulau Pandan. There some steps of wedding party of Pulau pandan, they are as follows:
1. when a man and a woman agree to live together, they need to tell their respective parents and family. The first decision is on them but they have to pass the final decision from their parents. If their parent do not agree with their decision, the wedding party could not be soon held. But they will hold the party if vice versa.
2. with the agreement of their respective parents, especially for the man, He and his parents have to meet the parent of the bride. At this stage, the man intend to make a proposal to be agreed by the bride’s parents and family. The man ask for marriage to woman and the decision is in both the bride and her parents.
3. when an agreement is achieved, they will have to hold a meeting concerning when, where, how the wedding party should be held. In this meeting the two families gather in decision and the fee for the party is 75% the responsible of the man’s family.
4. if a decision has been made, all of the two family soon prepare everything for the wedding party. The bride family is spreading the invitation to all of the people in the village. Beside spreading invitation in the form of letter, they also have to convey the invitation verbally directly to all of the people of the village. While the family of the man have to prepare the equipment needed for the party that will soon be held. The things that they have to prepare are everything of the food, the musical effect for the party and all of the furniture and the equipment for the wedding room. But decoration is the responsible of each family.
5. At the time of the party, they first will have to pass an akad as commanded by Islamic law. This custom is generally used by all of the pulau pandan people in wedding party. After the akad, they party together with all musical instrument amusement till the middle of the night.
6. the next day of the party, they have to follow two more steps. First, right after the day of the party, the family of the man must visit and deliver their son to the bride family. In this stage, the bride family is waiting for the coming of the man and his family at their home. When the man and his family arrive at the bride home, the bride herself will welcome in a very polite way that she has to hold the man hand and take him home. There they make some words and feedback oneanother.
7. the last step of the party is the turn of the man family to wait for the bride and her family to come to their home. The man has to wait at the yard and when the bride comes he has to take her hand and bring her into the house. Similar to the day before, the meeting between them is decorated with some words and feedback between each family.
8. all of the stage of the party is over and the man must live and stay at the bride’s house.
Those are the customary custom of the wedding party of pulau pandan. Every villagers who intend to hold a wedding party is strictly demanded to follow those sequence steps. If they do not, the wedding party will not officially legalized by the head of the village.

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