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1. Paragraph Development By Listing

During the decade of the 1960’s. most of the Europeans colonies of Sub-Saharan Africa achieve independence. In the west Nigeria (1960). Sierra Leone (1961). And Gambia (1965) - all former British colonies – joined the family of free and independent nation. In the East, Tanzania (1961) Uganda (1962) Kenya (1963) and Zambia (1964)also become Sovereign stated free of British rule. As the African empire of Great Britain was being dismantled. France, the other major European colonizer, withdrew from vast areas South of the Sahara. Thirteen former French colonies gained national status in the single year 1960 : Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast. Upper Volta, Togo, Dahomey, Niger, Chad central Africa Republic, Cameroon, Gabon and Congo. Although a few European colonialists still occupy African territory, the 1960’s witnessed the bird of more than twenty free, Black Nation.

2. Paragraph Development By Example

The ability to write well organized, concise paragraph is essential to a students’ success in almost all university courses. In preparing scientific report of laboratory experiment a student must present his finding in logical order and clear language in order to receive a favorable evaluation of his work. To write successful answer to easy question on his story or anthropology examination a student must arrange the relevant fact and opinion according to some accepted pattern of paragraph structure. And certainly when a student write a book report for English or a critique for political student, or a term paper for sociology. Style and organization are often as important as content. Clearly skill in expository writing is crucial to successful achievement in most university subject.

3. Paragraph Development By Contrast

Although European football is the parent of American football, the two games so several major differences. European football, sometimes called association football or soccer, is played in 80 countries, making it the widely played sport in the world. American football, on the other hand, is popular only in north America. Soccer is played by eleven players with a round ball. Football also played by eleven players in somewhat different position on the field, is played with and elongated round ball. Soccer has little body contact between player and therefore requires no special protective equipment. Football, in which player use of body contact to block a running ball – carrier and his teams – mates, requires special headgear and padding. In soccer the ball is advanced toward the goal by kicking it or by butting it with the head. In football, on the other hand, the ball is passed from hand to hand and carried in the hand across the opponent’s goal. Are just a few of the features which distinguish association and American football.

4. Paragraph Development By Comparison

Despite their obvious differences in length ; the paragraph and the essay are quite similarly structurally. For example, the paragraph is introduced by either a topic sentence or a topic introducer followed by a topic sentence. In the essay the first paragraph provide introductory material and establish the topic focus. Next, the sentence in the body of a paragraph develop the topic sentence. Similarly, the body of an essay consist of a number of paragraph that expand and support the idea presented in the introductory paragraph. Finally, a terminator whether a restatement, conclusion, or observation – ends the paragraph. The essay, too, has a device which bring its idea to a logically and psychologically satisfying completion the concluding paragraph. Although accept ion to these generalizations may be observed in modern creative writing. Most well written expository paragraph an essay are comparable in structure.

5. Paragraph Development By Space And Time

Whether he was moved simply by curiosity or by a thirst for conquest. One of the most fascinating and controversial figure in world history was Alexander the Great from his first better the capture of the Athens in 338 B.C. until his death thirty two years later from a paper in Babylon, Alexander had personally let his armies across most of his known world. Like an enormous harvesting machine. Alexander and his armies moved from his home in Macedon south into Greece, across the sea to the land east of the Mediterranean, down into Egypt. Consuming the well and experience of the East while, at the same time spreading the language and the culture of the Greece he cross the ancient Persian empire through central Asia and on into India, his conquest including large portions of the three continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia. His empire was so vast that on his death it was divided into five parts, each under the administration of one of his general. Alexander is regarded in legend and history as both hero and ruthless. Conqueror, with mother in central Asia still naming their son after him but also using his name when children misbehave to instill fear in their heart.

6. Paragraph Development By Process Description

he first stage in the process of industrialization for most countries is the discovery of new source of raw material and fuel. The second is the reorganization of the labor force from one that is rural and agricultural to one that is urban and industrial concurrent or subsequent to the development of industries and factories. The third step is the creation or expansion of communication and transportation system. Many socio – economy culture change follow quickly behind the technological change. And must be considered part of the industrialization process. One of the first social change in the shift of population from rural areas to the cities where the factories are located. Technology is then applied to agriculture; resulting in greater production of food for the urban population but requiring fewer agriculture walkers. These change often result in a redistribution of wealth. Especially the decline of land as the source of wealth and new economic and political power based on industry. Finally, there are changes that affect the world community as it tries to contain or control the inspiration and need of individual and nation industrialization is complex technology and culture process that should remarkable similarities no matter where or when it takes place.

7. Paragraph Development classification

As imprecise or gross as classification sometimes are they usually indicate class or categories and the label for these classes that make information more manageable. Frequently these labels for classes tell us how we are supposed to fill to word a certain thing. The older English dictionaries for example classified word and assigned them label success vulgar dialect, colloquial and slang. Many commonly used words were labeled vulgar and in some dictionary low. Implying that only the lowest sort of person use such words. This class of word include most of the four letter words’ associated with the bodily function of sex and elimination. The class of word called dialect include expression commonly used by certain region of the country. People often inferred from the word dialect that the English language was improperly learned or used by these speakers certainly one would not use such a word beyond the borders of that community, colloquial was less severe label, but it identified word and expression that might be used in informal educated speech with friend at school but definitely not informal composition, the huge class named slang usually mean a word understood by only a select group of people student for example often slang words are quickly forgotten but they are occasionally taken up by the whole country and soon loss their distinction as slang, the greater social freedom of the past two decades also the language of public debate have liberated words from such rigid classification. modern English dictionaries reflect this variety of usage by employing few classifications that imply social or moral judgment.

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